Sunday, June 15, 2014

#happykch launch

If you're a Kuching-nite, I'm pretty sure you've heard of the #happykch video shoot that has been going on for a while a month or two back! So they collected over 150? plus, people to take part in this video shoot. The main purpose of shooting this event was to showcase all Kuching town's local talents whether it's dancing, singing, acting, or just being happy or fun! (ps; but mostly it's dancing cause idk that's usually what people do when they're happy? Hahah) So, the event was held at Plaza Merdeka at night around 8pm on the 23rd of May 2014. We were to dance a routine for one of the showcase slots. Other studios were also included and a huge thanks to Studio 23 who let us use their roadshow event to do the launching!

Launching of #happykch done!

A very unglam shot of us during the routine wtffff HAHAH. Seriously? Photographers need to get better timing! If you happen to have any pictures of us dancing or videos, it'll be much appreciated!

Bev in the spotlight and me in the background. SIGH. This would have made a perfect picture for me! T_T

Behind the scenes-Vanity Crew

I think I look weird here cause of my very unglam hair and all but thank you for the picture!

A friend screenshot this from the entire video! Did you guys manage to spot me in my 3 second slot lol. Hashtag sad life. Only managed to be in for 3 seconds in a 5.48minute video!

Was also interviewed and featured in this online article on #happykch. I really don't fancy the picture but...oh well. And when I told her I'm only 19, she was so shocked. DO I LOOK THAT OLD? :(
But overall, the event wrapped up pretty quickly after all the showcases and stuff. Enjoy the entire video down below! Thanks for reading! :) 

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