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Haven't blogged for a while so I'm gonna update this site on a dance event Vanity Crew attended a few weeks back! We were invited to perform a show for R16 Borneo on the 31st of May last month at Plaza Merdeka. This is one of the biggest dance events held in a long long time! The organizer, Sollah is a friend of mine whom I partied with at Junk on new year's eve. I think this explains how we got connected to such an event heh. R16 has aways been around and consists of bboy battles and popping ones. However, we've never actually had it here in Borneo so it was a big thing! There were international judges involved including DJ from UK. Look at the poster above as reference heh.

The crazy amount of people there that day. About 80% were dancers. Dancers from KL, Indonesia, Sabah, Johor, etc etc. all flew in to Kuching just to compete and take part in this event! This picture doesnt even do the crowd that day much justice. It was SO packed. I am in this picture tho? If you can spot me, i'll buy you ice cream hehehhe ^_^

The winnings of that day!

Only the 3 of us were available to do the showcase that day. Munie was in charge of photography and videography that day so we decided to just re-use the first routine we did for Gatbsy's 6th competition in KL earlier this year. Wore this army chiffon top over my outfit and forgot to take it off for pictures, hence, the difference LOL. I've got to say I was dead tired that day and since I had my monthly visits, I was literally in a lot, a lot, of pain. Thank god for medication. Since we weren't aware of what time our showcase was, we stayed at the mall from 12pm up till 10pm. wtf. Ended up our show was around 6-8pm. 

Reminder: always find out what is our slot before an event!

Some shots during the battles!

Judges. Funny thing was we performed facing the crowd so basically the judges were staring at our.. umm.. asses? HAHAHAH.

The bboy battles were interesting as they had this judging application. Each judge is in charge of one element in the dancers: - Foundation, Originality, Dynamics, Execution and lastly, Battle. The crews who have more categories ticked owns the battle.

With Vivien from KL. The female popper who got 2nd place! Congratulations and it was nice meeting you :)

Winners of the different categories that day! Congratulations all! It was a dope battle! :D

and of course, we didn't forget to take pictures with the judges! This is with  DYZEE from Canada/Korea!

with bboy Puzzles from Canada/Beijing. Proud to say he himself requested a picture with us HEHEH.

With Sollah from Indonesia.

With the all-time legend, Alieness from USA! Too bad he had an injury. Would have loved to see him dance during the judges showcases.

with bboy BLUE from Korea/Australia. He was the most quiet but his dancing was so fierce!

With the deejay, DJ DSK from UK. His songs and remixes were so good and they fit so perfectly for each battle. we have been to events where the deejays just suck and are not aware of the music we dancers need so we loved his music! They even had his CDs and stuff for sale that day.

Sadly due to some problems, SugaPop from USA wasn't able to make it and we didn't manage to take a picture with popping judge, PopKun from Korea! ( However,the after party with them, I took selfies with him but they're all in his phone so...bummer much?) SIGH PIE.

Group picture with Street Geekz who did the closing number for the event.

Kuching bboys! You all did so well today! Go Kuching! :D

As usual, the mandatory ugly, weird, funny faced and posed photos of us. WHAT KIND OF DUCK FACE WAS I DOING SO FUGLY PLS. Hahahahha! 

Us trying to spell out "R16" with our bodies.

With my Vanity darlings!

Anyway, that concludes the R16 events of that day and congrats to all winners who'll move on to Singapore for the second round! Thank you for having us to perform at such an event and we are really grateful! xx

Summary of the entire event covered by Blaqfaez. ENJOY!

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