Sunday, June 15, 2014


Back with some updates! It's been a while since I've updated my blog with anything personal, usually only updates about events and dance but heh. I decided to go for the cut! I cut 6-7inches of my most loved hair. I chopped off all my bleached ends and omfg it is ridiculously short. It doesn't even surpass my boobs and cover them the way the mermaids' hair do! It's been so long since I had this length; prolly back when I was 15 wtf. It's a refreshing change tho. People say I look more lady-like and younger/mature idk. Gonna redye it with Loreal's P66 Intense Spicy Red before the 20th this month!

And, I've started my fourth sem this month(June) and I got my results back! I usually do not check them online and wait for the black and white print instead but I just couldn't help it when my friend, Vanee spammed our college group chat with hers! I was so afraid to scroll down but when I did, I squealed! Literally! LIKE HOW? It's been exactly a year since I've started college and I've finally got "what-i-think" is my best! A CGPA of 3.93 with straight distinctions! Since first sem, I've been maintaining my 3.5 CGPA and above score and I hope it'll stay that way till I graduate! I am really thankful and proud of all my hard work and tears and sleep I've sacrificed into making this happen. Plus, my lecturer is not one so generous in giving out her marks. Gonna work fucking hard for 7 weeks in my 4th sem in summer and score well for my PR, Reporting and Malaysian Studies class. Usually it's only 2 classes per short sem, but I'm kiasu and I want to graduate faster LOL. *pops confetti* :D

Also, we had a mini photoshoot session in the studio. This was what we wore and of course, taken before I chopped off my hair heh. We were asked to send in crew pictures to the organizer of COTK2014 for their grand finals event preparations. It's gonna be super big this year and we are all really nervous and worried! BUT. I'm sure we can all do it! UISH!

Uploaded some of my other pictures taken that night on my Instagram @arielllo. Check them out and follow me please? HEHE.

Today is the 16th of June as I type this and the D-day is on the 21st. We fly on the 20th. That gives us D-3 left to practice as hardcore as we can at the studio before packing our luggages! Wish us luck! xx

On a side note, caught a virus that made me get really bad cough, flu, sore throat and fever. Seriously triple combo + 1 stirke ah! All this landed on a pretty bad timing. Classes just started(every afternoon from Tues-Sat) and dance practices are getting more intense. I better try to get as much rest as possible and sleep more. Hopefully, I'll be brand new by the time I need to fly!

Summer '14 is starting real soon and I cannot wait to be reunited with my fluffball. Party time, bitches! xx

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