Monday, September 29, 2014

Clash of the Kingz 2014 Grand Finals

Okay, I know I have been on a blogging hiatus and I'm so sorry! Haven't really had the motivation to actually sit my ass down. So anyway, here it is. The extremely belated post on the Clash of the Kingz 2014 Grand Finals. All photos credits to photographers of the event that day.  Above picture shows the registration table for the event at Mega Star Arena, Kuchai/Kuchei? Lama, KL. Apparently ABG was held here too?

As an intro, we have won the Kuching's round for COTK 2014 about in May I presume? (Sorry for lack of accuracy but I'm trying hard to recall all events heh) So we had sponsored flights for us to KL last June/July? to compete again. This is Vanity Crew's 3rd time here. The dance scene has improved so much and it's so full of competition. *cries out a small meow* 
Honestly feeling a little sad that it's been my 2nd, (other crew members, 3rd) year and we haven't managed to secure any positions in top 3. I wish I had the ability and skills to improve as greatly and move further. But for now, I will still do my best. GAMBATEH! :)

This is the view we had for the audience on stage. It wasn't as big as we expected it to be as compared to the poster of the event but heh, cues the almighty photoshop. Hashtag, media student. lolol.

The VIP seating for the VIPs. Lol, Ariel, you don't say?

This space here was for the crowd that came to support friends, family or their respected dance crews.

Tada! The stage in it's utmost glory. This is the first time having a pointed triangular stage and I don't know what to actually think about it lolol.

The further back of the arena.

Without the lighting and all, the place would look like a graffiti warehouse lolol.

LOOK AT THE CROWD! *dup dap dup dap goes my heart*

There are so so many dance supporters in KL I am so jealous. Like, you do not get to see this kind of scene in Kuching. EVER.

Emcee of the night.

Introducing the judges. Ami Saitoh aka Queen of Swag fro Japan!! She is so amazingly good!

Elaine Chiam from KL. Ballerina gone street!

And the bboy judges!! (not that I know of them, but heh) Issei!

As the picture above says, Ata from Finland!

Another showcase judge, Kevin? (i think) from Katoon Network!

Introduction and opening of the event after the impromptu bboy showcase the bboys had to do as the opening number lolol. Choreographed and rehearsed a few hours before on the spot lol.

Okay moving on to the showcase category, here are our shots.

And some of those from other crews. Hyperactive crew.

MoovElite crew? 

I totally forgotten this crews name! T_T

De' Olbiez


Some bboy shots.

Winners of each category. Pitt Den for 7 to Smoke... i think? heh .

Bboy Lego and Khenobu for the win for the 2-on-2 Bboy battle.

ODD Sim as champions for the showcase category.

De'Olbiez and Hyperactive crew crowed as Top 3 (showcase category) together with ODD Sim and all the winners.

Group photo with all contestants and the sponsors and event crew. Yet another experienced have I gained and it most definitely is not an easy road to follow But passion overwrites it all I guess. Disappointed but will definitely keep moving forward. Maybe not ever professionally but at least will a passion to dance.

That is all for this COTK 2014 post. In actual fact we stayed in KL for another 4 days to chill and have a short vacay but since there are not many pictures I won't be blogging about it I guess? heh. 

Thanks for reading! xx

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