Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gatsby 7th Dance Competition Malaysia Audition

Back with an update from my dance life - It's that time of the year again where Vanity Crew starts to record the audition video for the annual Gatsby Dance Competition Malaysia audition. Submitted our video and registration a few days ago. This audition is mainly a popularity contest more than skill so I do hope people will vote for us EVERYDAY from the 17th of Nov till the 7th fo Dec 2014. Your votes determine whether or not we go to the semi finals! D:

Anyway, did our recording at Swinburne's dance studio and we took so many retakes we can die lol. Honestly I feel I could have done much better...meow~
Picture time!

Hi, how do you like our handmade crew tees? 

Hand painted on with so much love but mine got ruined by the washing machine ugh curse you.

and our very traditional shots of us being totally unglam lolol.

 Like seriously tho, how many chins can one actually have! *inserts laughing emoji* HAHAH!

Do remember to show us much love when the voting period commences! The judges this year are all different and all so professional in what they do. D: *nervous breakdown* and I'm sure it will be a tough one so all we can do now is.. GAMBATEH!! :)

Ending the post with our audition video. Enjoy~

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