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Gatsby's 7th Dance Competition Malaysia Finals // KL Getaway

Hi guys! It's been too damn long since my last update so here is one! I went to KL to attend the 7th Gatsby Dance Competition Malaysia Finals! :) It was around mid January so you can see how far behind I am in updating this blog heh. Outfit of the day to airport consisted of black jeans I didn't want to pack into my luggage, the classic Taylor Chucks, grey tank and a flannel top.

This was our hotel for the stay this year. It's different compared to last year since it was held at Sunway Pyramid for the past two years or so if i'm not mistaken lol.

Stole this picture from Beverly cause I really do look like a pop-up HAHA. It hasn't even been 10 minutes since we've settled down and look at all stuff scattered around already LOL. Changed to shorts cause it was really just too damn hot in KL.

Looking at the rough edges of this panaroma it's so fail I cannot even LOL. but yeah, an over-view of what our room looked like. Comfy enough for our liking! As usual, taking the single bed cause Cherry kicks way way way too hard lol.

My travel necessities lol. Apple juice and some sort of snack. Tried these salted pretz and kinda got addicted throughout that entire trip lol.

Map to get to our competition destination. It was about five minute walk. However, the walking area is rather dodgy so I recommend not walking alone if you are ever there.

My dinner that night. Pepper Lunch. I think it was curry chicken? First time trying this order and I can say that I like it :D


Breakfast for three that day. The hotel we were staying in had a very Indian-feel so our breakfast buffet consisted of as seen above. Sausages, ROTI CANAI LOL, and all spicy food lol. However, you can request them to fry you an omelette on the spot too, so that's a plus. heh.

Note: we always seem to forget our breakfast coupons in the room and have to go back to retrieve them. every. single. time. -_-

Some pictures are credited to Gatsby's facebook page and my crappy phone lol. Here is the first level view of the stage this year! This is nice, but I miss the ice-rink in Sunway lol. Got more feel? LOL.

It was empty during rehearsals and briefing and then when we came back after getting ready and all..

BA-BAMMM. A whole audience of people. By then my nerves were getting at me real bad I felt the urge to pee every 5 minutes LOL.

Stage shots of us.

They badly photoshopped us together just cause they didn't wanna use the picture we submitted. WHY YOU DO DIS. You could have emailed us for a better photo *cries*

Outfit for first routine! Didn't manage to get a group photo after or even before our turn cause we focused so much on preparing for the second routine! :(  I liked this outfit even though my tummy was so bloated that day heh. Sorry for the display of fats.

Our second routine was our mental patient routine. As you can see above, two nurses and one patient. Storyline : Two nurses (wearing the white gown as well) woke up tied and gagged by the patient, manages to get free, but then gets controlled by patient. Then, went crazy and wacko together, took off our patient outfits as well and controlled the patient after. Turns out we were the crazy ones instead. Killed off the patient w' a sinister smile on face. The end. Did I confuse you? HAHAH.

Fact: we made the costumes ourselves. Umm, pictures looks okay tho?

ANYWAYS, after the judging, winners were awarded!

There was a freestyle competition also in conjunction with Gatsby for non-students who wanted to participate. Winner for freestyle competition!

and for the runner-up. Sorry, I didn't really get to know the names and watch the battles cause of my own battle LOL.

Moving on to the student category...

*drumrolls please*

and the winner goes to Vanity Crew! :D Notice Alex moving our super heavy 10kg speaker lolol. Thank you very much ya HAHA.

Vanity Crew is finally going to Tokyo after three times participating! Finally! Was excited cause I was like OHMYGOD ITS JAPAN (one of my bucketlist ticked off) and scared cause then I went ohmaigod can I even do it? Yeah, mixed emotions. Didn't know if I should feel worried, sad, angry, happy or whatnot. lol. But for that moment, I told myself to fuck it and decided to live in that moment and just be happy for my achievement heh. You are your own demon after all. :)

What is that disgusting laugh compared to my chio face in a picture just right above. Sigh. Life proves you can't have it all! If you have a nice smile, you're bound to have an ugly laugh wtf. HAHA, ok la just kidding but still. My double chin game strong. It's okay la, everyone looks so happy here :)

Love this picture I stole from Gatsby. We all look so natural and happy here. TOKYO, TOKYO HERE I COMEEEEEE!! (land of anime and kawai-ness and 4 degree weather) *fangirling*

How can I not post an annual photo of Fishboy right? Hair got lighter compared to last year and still so hot I cannot *fans self*. His dancing is superb as usual. There wasn't any workshop with him this year, WHAI?! Not that I could always do the stuff he taught... but still? :( 

Group photo with all the student participants. Nice meeting you and congratulations to all winners!

Had a sushi fest at Sushi Zanmai with Alex (one of our judges) to ask for advice and stuff and just to chill. In other words, socilaize la haiya. lol. I think the above is Tamago mentaiko? or.. ic an just be totally wrong and fail as an asian lol. Who cares, it was yummy LOL.

SALMON. A Japanese meal is never complete without any salmon!

Some other raw fish thingy that caused my Japanese food addiction lolol.

Our trophy! //>.<\\

Gabby and Bertram came over to give me support the entire day. Thank you for travelling down and feeding me food in between my competition hahah! Love you guys :)
Gabby spent the night with us at our hotel just because I haven't seen here in ages since she left to study in KL so...girl-bonding time!!! :)

KL Extended Vacay

Usually everytime we have a competition in KL, we tend to extend it a few more days just so we can have time to kick back and relax with good food, shopping and good company before we head back to reality aka college assignments, ew. Anyway, outfit for my first day! All black can never go wrong. Kinda regretted wearing a skater skirt later while changing hotels because.....

Look at this load we had to carry ohmygod. That board is light but its big as fuck, the trophy itself should weigh around 3kg and that speaker weighs at least 10kgs. Our arms were burning like we did an entire gym day only for arms by the time we reached our next hotel. Frustrating story, we kept getting on the wrong monorail line, which means, more hauling, more carrying and more curses (mainly from me lol). And Bev's luggage puller just had to snap. But other than that misfortune, it was all good. We did reach safely after all and it just adds more stories to tell friends LOL.

Off to shop! Selfie in the car. Thank you Jia Xian for the hospitality.

Super cute monotone Mickey Mouse Disney beanie from HnM. Nope didnt buy it cause I am Malaysian and there is no lower than 30 degree weather. sad life.

Mango desserts on a hot day! 

Takoyaki! :D 

The must have snowflake every time we go KL! :)

Bertram's omurice with teriyaki chicken or something. 

Salted fried chicken at some Taiwan food place. Liked it but a bit on the pricey side if I remembered correctly? Or maybe I was just a broke-ass college student lolol.

Salmon Creamy Fettucini Pasta at Pasta Zanmai! The same place Bertram got his omurice! THIS WAS BOMB AS F.... (*_*)

So.. I didn't really shop this time but you get the hint where all my money went to LOLOL. FOOD and nothing but food. This is why i have ABS......olutely nothing. *cries* But it was worth it, hashtag sorry-not-sorry. lolol. I still did a bit of shopping for stuff I think or know I most definitely must have so yeah :)

Last Day

Selfies while we wait for the monorail. Got new shades with Beverly. Trying to work the old ah pek look ahahahha. 

Did more shopping today and then got lost in the monorail lines again but the highlight to end up the day would have to be...

A private class with Dennis Yin! Thank you for the class and for the advice. Still lack so much in dance knowledge so every class is worth it haha. My wallet begs to differ tho heh.

Flew home in the evening the next day.

Back Home 

The other Vanity babes threw us a mini celebration which I was so damn late too cause I overslept for more than 2 hours omg. We were supposed to meet at 8/8.30pm, I reached at almost 11pm! Bev even scolded me saying why I even bother wasting time to put on eyeliner LOL. But thank you people for waiting for me and retaking photos heh. Love you all! :)

So that concludes my competition and my short getaway trip. Till my next update! xx


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