Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Going Blonde!

So as you all can see, or if you have been following up with my Instagram or Facebook updates, I am officially a blondie!! I've always wanted to go FULLY BLONDE but never had the guts but I finally had a solid reason to do it! LOL. I've had bleached ends and all but this was an extreme change from my very dark red hair haha. Some people love it, some people don't saying negative things but HEY! I like it so that's enough for me hahaha. Anyway, the main reason was so that the crew would all have the same hair colour for our upcoming Gatsby Finals Asia competition in Japan. It was said they wanted to go black and I rejected that with all my might lol. Black is so...normal! and plus, our costumes were already black and white so that would be dull! Thank god for me persisting tho! ;)

Moving on, we all did out hair ourselves! From the bleaching to the dying- everything! I went out and bought bleach and the activator so we could DIY it ourselves. A lot of people thought we actually went to the saloon to do it but noooooo! (indirect compliment to self lolol) :P

This was the brand for bleach that I used. It's a huge bottle and it costs around RM89 if I remember correctly. You can get these at any miniature store or most hair saloon ones. They have the smaller packet ones but we're talking three people's heads here lol.

My hair was the most "mahuan" one cause my hair was so long compared to the other two who had short hair. This was us at the studio after practice doing our hair. Since i dyed my hair red before, my bleached ends became the orangey kind instead of yellowish blonde which I hated. I think i bleached my hair around 3 times to obtain......

This colour lol. However, the roots were the trickiest parts of everything (now I've mastered it tho so HEHEHEH). It looks fine right?...until you turn your head and go...

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?  Looks like we missed a spot. pffft. Ended up bleaching my hair the third time after seeing this disaster. The morning before my flight that day I even woke up to buy dye at shops right when they opened. I opted for the Gatsby Yellow Blonde dye which contained bleach as well and the results were great, however not enough for my hair as it is a men's product. I couldn't find the female's version.

My hair under white lighting! I've grown to be quite attached to my blonde hair already hehehe. Surprisingly my hair isn't damaged at all! It's just dryer compared to before but still very, very soft! So blessed with my healthy hair! T_T Some people even commented saying I look younger with lighter hair, arigatou! Thank you! #^_^#

Some other pictures on how my blonde hair colour varies due to the lighting and all..

So, what do you think about my blonde hair? And what colour should I experiment with next?! Do tell me! Teeheee, Japan post coming up soon about my Gatsby sponsored trip. Till then, xx.

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