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Gatsby 7th Dance Competition Asia Finals (Japan)

Finally have time to sit down and update about my Japan trip in March earlier this year. (Ok la, actually I was too lazy to sift through photos and all that jazz but I did it in the end hahah). We won champion after two consecutive years of getting 2nd runner up for the Malaysia Finals and YASSS, all expense trip to Tokyo! Was really having mixed feelings about this cause i was so happy and excited to finally get to visit Japan which is in my list of countries to visit (bucket list ticked btw) but at the same time worried cause...all these asian dancers in Japan are god-like pls. Teach me senpai, onegai! 

As mentioned in my previous post, we all went blonde for this competition. We had great chemistry too in terms of clothing. All got to the airport in black and white lol. It's quite rare to see a blonde in Kuching, what more to say THREE all walking together lol. 

We had 3 flights in total just to get to Japan. Kuching ~ KL ~ Singapore ~ Japan (Narita airport).
Reason being was due to the recent airplane mishaps, they wanted to provide us with better airlines so we got to experience Singapore airlines for the first time! So much love \*_*/ 

Scary fact was that we almost missed our first flight (Kuching ~ KL) cause we were too busy chatting in Coffee Bean before our flight. Apparently the attendees called our names but we just didn't hear? Told that to Ashley, our caretaker and she almost had a heart attack. Heh. Sorry bout that!

Reached Singapore around midnight or so and had to wait for the connecting flight to Japan. Haven't been to Singapore in like forever lol. Can't even remember how old I was when I went lol. 

Went in to wait in the departure hall and felt so out of place cause we were so bright and everyone were dressed in office/ formal wear omg. But look what I meant by us being all synchronised with our outfits tho hahah,

Dinner is served. They fed us so many times during flights I feel as if I gained a few kgs during the flights lol. AND MY FAVOURITE PART....

They freaking served free flow of wine, beer, cocktails and whatever your alcoholic mind wants. WHAT. WHAT IS THIS. Air asia better step up your game!

6 hours later i think.... we finally arrived! Couldn't sleep much during the flight which was really annoying considering we got there at 6am which was 5am back home. One day of no sleep at all. 

Like.. look how swollen them eyes be... hahah!

Yes mother, I arrived in one piece lol! It was around 6 degrees outside and my teeth chattered at first. In a while tho, I got used to the cold and loved it! I'll take it any day over Malaysia's cray weather!

Artsy shot cause Instagram lol! The airport at Narita had this minimalist design which I loved! Everything was white, grey and black outside. Seriously, every part of Japan is Instagram worthy wtf.

Took a bus down to our hotel in Shibuya, Tokyo but since it was way too early we just dumped our luggage there and went to hunt for breakfast. Thsi is a random street in Shibuya lolol. Imagine if it were Spring already, all the sakura petals would be coating the roads!

Not many places were open except convenience stores, but we found a cute 24-hour ramen shop. I forgot the name of this place, but it was fetaured in many blogposts for as a place to go for ramen if you're on a budget in Japan. This place just somehow reminds me of the "lazy egg" sanrio character, Gudetama. (the colour scheme I mean)

First meal in Japan. Japanese people make all things taste delicious wtf. Another thing I noticed is that Japanese people really care about calories, health and stuff like that. Like they don't order tonkotsu or anything with like idk "fatty broth?"

But i'm Malaysian so...tonkotsu ramen it is! and Side order of gyoza shared amongst us. I don't know the price cause most of my food expenses were sponsored by Gatsby. *happy dance* EAT ALL THE SUSHI LOL.

Group photo outside the ramen shop. Our translator, Yamada-san took this photo. You'll see her in the other photos later. Ashley (caretaker) is the one in the red shoes. She's adorably cute and btw, congratulations on your engagement! ;)

After food and a little bit of walking around, we went to the Gatsby sponsored saloon to get our hair prepped for tomorrow (day of competition). 

Actually, my diy-bleached hair doesn't look that bad here lol. But if you look closely you can see un-even patches of brown adn weird colours combined cause i had red hair before lol. The Hairdresser complimented me on my hair tho! *nose growing high*

Apparently when they wash your hair, they put a piece of tissue on your face so you do not have to have the awkward "you look at me, I look at you while you washing and massaging my head moments" lol. They kept talking to me in Japanese but since th topic were basic info like names, age and animes, I think the "kyaaaas, sugoiiii and soooooo-s" sufficed lol!

Thank you to the super friendly ad cheerful ROOTS team. Kept nodding off when the guy beside me did my hair and he's like, "awww, i'm sorry! Just a little bit more." LOL OK \(*v*)/

Finally checked in the hotel at around 4-5pm? AND TOOK THE MOST HEAVENLY SHOWER EVER. Did not shower in more than 24 hours so I was dying lol. (Yes, i closed my eyes here wtf) 

Our hotel, Tokyu Excel Hotel, was located just right outside the famous Shibuya crossing so it was really easy to find. And there were many travel lines just outside which made it convenient to move form place to place. Above is the wifi password which the XXX are three numbers that they will give you when you ask. 

This was taken after a short nap before heaidng out to the rehearsal and welcoming party. I like it when hotels have full length mirrors! What I wore that night. Finally layering clothes YAY.

What the room looked like. Two queen beds and one single, but the single could easily fit 2 people so technically, SIX people would have enough sleeping space. Super spacious! Bev randomly posing for the photo hahah!

The bathroom with a bathtub which I had no chance to use. SIGH WHY. 

Cause selfies are an absolute necessity lol. Look at my curls tho! These Japanese people have magic hands! But the curls only lasted until after the stage rehearsal the next day so I had to curl them again with the mermaid wave tongs. Maybe I should invest in a basic curling tong heh.

Walking to the welcoming party after the meeting with organisers. Finally met up with the other contestants. Everyone looked so good wtf. They were not expecting three blondes representing Malaysia tho. What kind of preception is that lol. Apparently we looked more Korean or Japanese lol.

Went to Darts Bar Bee Shibuya. The Malaysia team and King Botics from Hong Kong photobombing at the back ahha! (From left to right, Bev ~ Cherry ~ Yamada-san ~ Jia Xian ~ Ashley ~ Me)

Bar area i'm not allowed to go near to cause im below 20. Apparently th legal age for drinking is 20 and I was... 19 cause my birthday was in July.. OK. IT'S LIKE THAT. The bar reminds me of Death Parade tho haha!

Food and drinks. It was actually late dinner since we didn't have anything at all since the ramen that morning. Surprisingly, I didn't really have much of an appetite in Japan. WHICH is weird cause I love Japanese food..

It was an ice breaking session but we didn't really manage to talk much cause of the shy-ness. HIGHLIGHT WAS: I MET YUKI SHIBUYA *hyperventilates* I've watched her for so long on Youtube with Koharu Sugawara and my god. Finally this senpai has noticed me! (T-T)v

I couldnt find the group photo but nvm this candid will do too! I can't believe she's my age. omg what am i doing with my life...... Anyways, some random photos with other contestants and judges.

Went back to the hotel to rehearse for tomorrow. Was super tired and cranky by then. All I wanted was the bed and wifi. 

THIS VIEW FROM MY HOTEL THO. The famous Shibuya crossing *fangirls* There are seriously so many people in Tokyo it's fascinating lol. Anime come to life literally. It is normal to see people whizzing by on a bike and walking really fast since the life there seems super fast paced. But then again, it might be cause we were in Tokyo.

The next morning woke up super early after a few hours sleep to do hair and light makeup since the competition was later that afternoon. The side tie has become a trademark for our crew since it stops hair from being too messy during the routine lol.

It was slightly colder that morning (around 4-5degrees?) so I brought this scarf with me which ended in my backpack the whole time instead. Apparently, I can cope with cold weather really well. Skin condition also improved a lot while I'm there which was a plus.

Breakfast is served on the 11th floor where you can choose Japanese cuisine or  Western cuisine. Wondering why I chose western instead of Japanese since I really like Japanese food now cause I can't really remember why LOL.

After breakfast, we gathered with all the contestants in the lobby and walked to the competition venue (forgot name of the place but it was amazing inside). Us during stage rehearsals.

Emcee starting off the show.

First they had the Japan finals for Japan to find that one representative for the Asia Finals. Must be even more tiring to be in their shoes. So while that was going on, ....

We had rooms where we could wait, eat or saloon-like rooms to get ready. They provided us with hair dryers, wax, sprays (hair products) and a lot of makeup removers and stuff for us. Really grateful for that. Random shot of us in the room while waiting.

Pre-number interview. Every other girl group got a kawaii and when we stepped up we got ,"kakoi ne". why..... we can be kawaii too LOL.

Don't really have pictures of us dancing during our number but here are two shots i managed to find all over the place. hahaha.

Since we were contestant number 2, we had plenty of time before everyone went on. So halfway watching, I kinda....

fell asleep LIKE THIS. HAHAHA. Omg how? But I thought this shot came out decent so I did post in onto Instagram, lol, hashtag vain girl's problems. But I was really extra tired cause my monthly friend decided to visit RIGHT BEFORE my turn on stage. Pfft. OF ALL TIMES?

Mini bar at the back with free flow but I cannot enjoy...... (T-T)

Crew photo on stage. We didn't place any number, but the exposure, the experience and the chance to actually go to Japan was enough. Thank you for the opportunity Gatsby. Hopefully we'll be back again next year? Heh. Our stage outfits! The outwear and bottoms were handmade btw. budget until..

And Champion, Team Korea!

1st runner up goes to Indonesia! 

2nd runner up/styling goes to Taiwan.

and the audience favourite, Hong Kong.

Loved every one of their numbers, you can find all their videos on youtube at Gdc Japan/Taiwan I think. Ours is there too! I'll link in our video below so keep scrolling!

Much love. We've come so far together.

Group photo with the judges, organiser, emcees and other contestants!

Spamming you with more photos cause I can.

Thank you Yamada-san for helping us get around and translating. Also for always caring about our health and getting us punctual. Vanity Crew is always late btw.  You've been extremely lovely to us. Hope we will meet again if possible.

and to end up this post, a funny photo with the Indonesia team who did superbly well and are super friendly. Again, super blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to stand on that stage. definitely a moment i'll not forget. & thank you crew mates. Much love. xx

Thanks for watching. Like, share, subscribe if you want. I'll update on my Japan travels soon. xx

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