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Shibuya - Shinjuku Gyoen - Ichiran Ramen

Updating another very delayed Japan post. (some details are super vague, sorry!) 

Being it my last night in Japan, we went out to roam around and buy souvenirs and stuff  after the competition. Wanted to visit the Disney store at Shibuya but when we reached it closed already. It also started raining halfway and it started getting cold cause of the wind. Me and Bev outside the closed Dsiney store lol.

Found a very photo-worthy telephone booth at the corner of the street.

Shibuya streets at night. So beautiful I cannot. Time to save for another trip so I can thoroughly explore whole of Japan! or should I go other places first since I've been here already? lol  \(*v*)/

Look at all the transparent umbrellas! These photos don't even do the streets any justice. Roamed around some more and bought so many pairs of socks as gifts for family and friends back home LOL.(probably cause I didn't know what else to buy back haha) The makeup is so bloody cheap there wtf! Probably 1/3 of the price back home! So much steal! Should have bought more stuff. The shopping there is worth it but it really depends on where you go and which shops you enter. It can range from RM3 (i got a romper for this price from HnM Japan btw) to 3k! 

But girls, if you do go, BUY ALL THE MAKEUP! Seriously tho.

Ohayo! Had breakfast the next morning at our hotel and check out the view! This picture turned out good despite the backlight. Thanks Bev!

Food! and they had guest forms to fill in on complaints and comments or what-so-ever regarding the food, hotel etc. But honestly, I have nothing at all to complain about lol. Also filled in similar forms for the competition. Japanese. Forever efficient.

Checked out the hotel and left our stuff there to explore Japan. It was my call since I'm the only one flying back that evening. The rest extended their stay but I didn't have company so oh well. The transportation lines in Japan. Everything just jumped out of an anime to real life wtf.

They have so many lines, that even if I know Japanese I would still be confused lol. I mean, I even get lost in KL. Hopeless traveller. This is their one day ticket which can be used anywhere. Forgot the price but I guess it is more worth it.

Candids from Bev. More reliable and useful transportation means back home pls.

Random street photography.

First stop was at Shinjuku Gyoen! It was fairly empty since it wasn't Spring yet. Just end of winter. This park is the place to be if you want to be surrounded by sakuras in Spring. I can't remember the price but apparently the prices hike up during the sakura seasons, so do take note of that.

Was super excited over a tree with flowers even though these were not sakuras lol. But we were excited just being there. Reason why the blog post took so long was the amount of pictures I had to edit and sift through lol.

If it were spring, the entire ground would be covered in petals, tatami mats, and people with picnic baskets lol. But the dead grass was quite pleasing to the eye as well LOL.

LOL BEV. What are you even doing?

Ashley. She was the one who took most of my photos ahah!

Everything was just really photo worthy there. .. Like this big tree LOL. 

After walking for a bit, we almost left but then I spotted a trail leading to.. REAL SAKURAS in full bloom! We were super lucky cause only this part had trees blooming earlier than expected! Omg too pretty! *heart-shaped eyes*

Was supposed to be a solo planned candid shot but it somehow turned out like this.......

Really guys? REALLY? 

I cannot get over how pretty these falling petals are! The Japan withdrawals are hitting me again as I'm typing this. I need to go back!    \(T-T)/

You should take your time to explore this park cause it's actually really really huge! I think we spent almost all morning there but we still couldn't finish. We had time budget so that was a bit sad. OK, picture spam starting as of now. 

From a small temple of some sort. NO FILTER AT ALL. Looks too pretty to be real. Showed thsi to a friend and he asked if I photoshopped the backgrond in wtf. Pls.

Stopped by a store in the gyoen, and tried dango! It is similar to a tang yuen, but more chewy and coated with caramel sauce. 

Amakaze? I think. It costs 360 yen I believe? It is the only alcoholic drink that they are allowed to serve minors. So.. I tried it LOL. Inner alcoholic showing haha. I thought it tasted really good but some of my friends said it was ew. So.. idk? It is a warm drink btw. Used it temporarily to warm my super cold fingers. (I dislike wearing gloves so I didn't bother lol)

Got hungry at some point after the morning exploration, so we boarded a line to Harajuku. They call this part the place where youngsters meet. I was super jelly of the students and their super nice uniform while ours back home looked like table cloths and ketupat wrappings. Sigh.

Went to Ichiran Ramen for lunch! FINALLY had the chance to try since it's been raved about a lot. It's quite near the Harajuku station so there's no way you'd miss it. There's this super narrow staircase leading to the entrance. 

Before entering, you choose your desired menu choice and pay first. Speaking of this, there were so many vendor machines located all along the streets of Japan.

Waiting area before the seat you. 

The store concept was really quite unique. Each person has an individual booth to themselves and it was so that we could enjoy our noodles without talking or disturbance.

A slip with preferences, add ons etc will be passed (ask for English is you can't read Japanese) so you just have to mark and pass it back. Literally no interaction at all between servers and guests. 

We took down the barriers between us, hence ruining the concept of the store what. Actually we didn't know we could do that, so basically we were shouting above the barriers trying to talk this entire time LOL. SMH. 

Note the background: my egg has been served hahah! 

There's also a mini water tap for drinking water at each cubicle which I oohhed and ahhhhed at LOL.

My hair also entered my ramen smh. I didn't even realise until I saw this photo. No wonder I smelled heavenly the entire day. Btw, BEST RAMEN EVER. Seriously, you have to go and try it. 

Shopped around Harajuku some more until it was time to head back to the hotel. By then, all I wanted was a bed and blankets. 

Took a bus to Narita Airport and fell asleep all the way there lol.

Did more shopping at the airport - mostly snacks and snacks and more snacks for the family and friends. This was the soft toy section and OMG? TOTORO MADNESS! The prices are crazy tho. One small keychain can cost up to MYR30. 


Dinner at a random dinner place cause it looked nice what. The food was really good tho. Thanks Ashley for the treat (altho it's Gatsby's money lolol).

Wouldn't have ate such a heavy dinner if I knew they were gonna serve me dinner on the plane too?! had a bento and cold soba YASSSSSS. and other random titbits.  Food coma-ed in ALL my three flights till I got home to Kuching. That was how tired I was. I landed in Sg at 2am wtf. Then KL at 5am. and then finally home bound at 7am. Zonked out the entire day once I got home.

Night lights from Narita Airport. So blessed to have been able to go Japan. Crossing fingers so I can get there again some day! Till my next post, xx.

 Found the highlight of my trip photo : A photo with Yuki Shibuya omfg *fangirls*

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