Monday, May 8, 2017

Kuching Got Talent 2015 & JAB Vol.2

(p/s for the lack of blogging for the past two years! I've been stagnant for too logn and i'll try to keep up with the delayed posts asap)

Throwing it way back to 2015,
Vanity Crew yet again joined Kuching Got Talent 2015 as the annual ritual and also with the thought that it might be our last competition as most of us are leaving for studies or work.
I have yet to upload the video since it's been forgotten for so long, so i'll add the video link in here once I manage to have the time :)

What's more commemorating than silly pictures after passing the audition with all my favourite people?

Second round which was semi finals happened a week or two later and this was what we wore. Jackets were made my the very talented Bev!

 Again, passed this round with all these lovelies ^_^v

The last one was one of the most exciting sets I've done so far. A Japanese themed set with kimonos and umbrella and all. Kawai makeup of the night 

Nothing much to type or say since everything has been translated into pictures! 

It was actually a double win for us that day, because before rushing to perform the Japanese set, we actually had another competition before that! It was truly an amazing experience and a way to end the competing season for our crew.

We all always say that we will stop competing but apparently that never happens! haha! :)
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