Saturday, March 21, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

Happy Chinese New Year from me to you! This is again another very belated post so I'll spare intricate details and just get into the main dish hahaha. The annual family photo which results in a selfie lol cause well, it's way easier hahha.

What I wore on day 1. A modern cheongsam. Didn't really do much that day but serve visitors and returning to the comfort of my room. Got back late the night before since I went out for drinks with some friends after the reunion dinner. The roads were so so smokey we literally had to drive like 20km per hour ohmygod. So, yeah, every chance I get i'll return to the comfort of my room lolol.

Day 2: Started off visiting with mum and her friends as per usual then I got really tired cause...I went out drinking to end my day 1. (Lol, CNY means drinking until dawn ok,so don't judge hahah!) Went home to nap in the afternoon and then got ready to go out again. Met up with some friends at Drunk Monkey as you can see in the picture above! :)

Day 3: Every year Day 3 is the day where I go visiting with my entire group of highschool friends. We visit our mutual friends and each other. We tackled about 9 houses that day until we decided we cannot anymore. As usual the day ended with us drinking at some random place.

Outfir of the day was some tropical romper I found! All my clothes are so monotone this year. From black, grey, white, MORE BLACK, dark greens and blues.

Got somewhat addicted to the E-cig this chinese new year. No worries tho, I didn't go and purchase one so you can say that I am not smoking that until I meet someone who has it heh. Thank you for the artistic shot! Here are some pictures from Day 3.

Gabby is back from KL for CNY. Yay, pop confetti! lol.

The annual group photo at Gabby's place. Missing a few people so the picture is not complete at all. A bit sad about that! :(

Day 4: Didn't do anything again during the day cause basically I woke up at like 12pm and by then my house was bombarded so I couldn't really go out and greet the visitors with my really horrible looking self lolol. But I did drag myself out of bed to attend Bryan's open house. Well, technically we've been at his house almost everyday ending the night with poker too so....meh. No difference haha.

The reunited trio! :D

Nice to meet you again, Dianne!

This year we all wore black! I swear we have some sort of telepathic-relationship/friendship or something. Last year we all wore white, red and black. This year we match each other again! I don't really have that many girlfriends that I can be so open and myself to so I really am blessed with these two. Much love xx

Decided to do another video since everyone was minding their own business, aka, the boys were busy losing or winning money at poker so..TADA. It's on my channel, so do check it out or you can just subscribe. Just.. CLICK HERE!

Gabby did a video also so you can go check out hers. Link is in my video description box so.. you know what to do! ;)

Ended the night with supper aka roti canai aka the mamak we go to the entire chinese new year for food at 3am (LOL loyal customers) AND a whole bunch of Ariel-Bibii selfies in Gabby's phone since she's leaving for KL very soon..again!

Must miss us okay! I dont know why I did the face I did in the last photo,
 but please just.. let me be HAHAHAHAH.

Day 5: RYNER IS BACK!! Okay, for those of you who don't know, he is my friend probably the best guy friend and our friendship goes back to 14 years! We have been literally stuck to each other (not because we want to but) because we were always placed in the same class ever since I started Primary school up till I graduated highschool! but, anyways, back to CNY, YAY? :P

Started dressing down with a shimmery top and black jeans cause.
I cannot be bothered anymore LOL.

Nothing much to say. The usual happened. Poker, food, drinks bleh.

I honestly forgot what day this was but who cares lol! Met up with the darling Angelina just right before she goes back to Melbourne. Havent seen her over a year and I miss partying with her so bad! I need to book me a flight to Melbourne asap!
Here are some pictures that night.

Thank you for the night everyone! For me this year's chinese new year didn't really have the feel of it so I wasn't really into it but I'm all for the meet ups, partying, food, drinks and gambling (tho my luck this year damn suay)!  So...that's basically how I spent my CNY this 2015. xx

Enjoy the Bean Boozled Challenge video! :D

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