Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bunny Gone Wild

Another throwback post on a showcase we did for GroovyGlam. Ta-da! I feel a little "celeb-ish" to see my face plastered on the huge banner outside Lido. HEHEHE. Anyways, performed two routines for the night which was themed "Bunny Gone Wild." None of our routines or outfits were bunny-ish but oh well. I didn't even know we had a showcase until i saw the banner myself. LOL. That was how last minute it was.

Face of the day. This time i really plastered on a lot of eye makeup because the expectations for stage shows from the emcee/show manager was very high. Heh. But nvm, I like dark eyeliner! :D

Selfies with the Bev and Cherry while we were  meeting up and getting ready to go together.
Only downside to that night was that i fucking knocked Kixx's car while reversing. One, i revered the car too fast. Two, blind spot. Three, too many people in the car so I couldn't really see. Four, I'm just too fucking careless la wtf. There goes my angpao money!  T_T

Selfies again backstage while waiting for our showtime. I don't think we can live without camwhoring. Sighz.

My favourite photo that night. Hii Munie! :D Ps/ and also cause I think I look good here lah. Heh.

Some shots of us on stage for the first number. Special thanks to Angelina for taking videos and photos of us and also for bringing people to support us heheh! ^_^v

Shots of the second number.

Overall, thank you everyone for coming and supporting us. Hope you all enjoyed your night like I did. If you happen to have any videos or photos of us do tag us. It'll be much appreciated! Teehee. A video by GroovyGlam on that night below. Enjoy! xx


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