Monday, February 17, 2014

Gatsby 6th Dance Competition Malaysia Finals

Finally had the time to sit down and blog so let's throwback all the way to the 11th of January 2014!

DAY 1:
Flew to KL to compete in the 6th Gatsby Dance Competition Malaysia Finals as Kuching represent! This time we had an early morning flight. Woke up super early to the airport and slept the whole way in the flight to KL oops. My crew of this competition were Bev and Cherry since the competition was limited to a maximum of 3 people. As an overall I'd have to say this competition is hereby the most stressful one (i think?) we've prepared for in the past year or so. We learn a new routine each night plus positioning and style. We were so stressed we barely even talked to each other in the studio and just focused on getting the routine and steps like, printed in our head. We practised for 1.5 weeks straight every night non stop. Thank goodness we finished it by the time we were gonna flyyyyyy~

Hello KL. We're back! :D

Had Starbucks at the airport while waiting for our ride. The best thing about this trip is that both accommodation and transportation were provided and for the next two days we received pocket money to spend too heh!  But the van driver thought we came from China like wtf? -_-
Anyways, finally got into the van and took long hours of butt-numbing travel time to Phantom Dance studio for the compulsory popping workshop by FishBoy. I love Fishboy, but i am no popper so I actually felt like I was wasting my time and energy :(  But still, good exposure plus, he's even hotter this year with his blonde hair hahah! Apparently the van driver over estimated the time of travel and we ended up with like an extra 2 hours plus. Ended up walking around eating and camwhoring at a nearby "almost empty" shopping mall lol. Note: a lot of camwhoring. :D

Finally reached the studio. Many familiar faces and also many unfamiiar ones. Fishboy still remembers me YAY ;) This meeting actually made me quite nervous cause all of the dancers looked so professional and I suddenly felt very "Meh." :/  Plus, i was crazy tired so maybe it was just my tiredness talking hhah!

Group photo with everybody! A lot stayed to cypher after the workshop so it was quite interesting to see what was being served on the platter. hahha.
By the time we reached and checked in the hotel it was around 6-7ish? I was like a dead fish already. We then went to buy a hot&roll as light dinner and headed to Street Nation studio to do our last and final practice before competition day the next day. Went for supper at the famous Penang cha kueh tiaw stall yay! Reach back hotel. Shower then rush our asses off to settle the costume crisis. And curled each other's hair so we don't have to do it tomorrow. Me and cherry walked to probably 3-4 7-eleven's to find double tape wtf -_- Note to self: never leave costumes last minute again. Too much stress to handle lol.

DAY 2: 

D-day to competition finally. Woke up super early to have breakfast then rush to the Ice rink at Sunway Pyramid for rehearsal. Thank God we were staying at the Sunway Pyramid Tower so it's super near. Our tired, bloated faces during rehearsal. Jasz came as the nanny this time! :D

The stage. It was pefect! The only con was that it was so cold since it's right on top of the ice rink hahah.


Emcee of the day. Event probably started around 2 or 3pm.

First outfit for the first round. Camo, boots, gold chains and bandanas. My favourite group shot backstage.
Next, some photos of us during the first round.

Love this shot becausee..AB LINES HAHAHAH :D

Watch the first round HERE!!

We ended up getting into Top5!

 Some shots of us during the second round. First hip hop, then girls' style.

Watch second round HERE!!

The top 5 awaiting final results to be announced.

We retained our place as 3rd again this year! Thank you for your support everybody! Expected to do a bit better but i guess there's always room for improvement!! :D

this picture never fails to make me smile! ding dong dang~

Group photo with the judges and consestants. Good job people! And see you guys next year :3

Some pictures of the one of only Fishboy and other contestants.


Pitt Den from Penang.

Dylan from School Brotherz.

Funk P from Raydio Dance Academy.

B.L.A.C.K. from Johor.

94th Street from KL

Beh Heng Seng from Johor.

ShakeLoveBoom from Johor.

Angel from Raydio Dance Academy.

Freakz Nature from KL.

And other pictures behind the scenes and post competition:-

Huge fat thanks to Jasz, Eugenie and Jia Xian for stressing with us, supporting us, taking many photos and videos of us, helping us with our costume crisis, loving us and always being there for us. Couldn't have done it without your help :)

Pictures with Fishboy, ShakeLoveBoom and B.L.A.C.K.

Hehehhe. Thank you for everyone's support. Another throphy added to the shelf at the studio :)
Ps. we forgot to bring that cardboard thingy home T_T Must call and retrieve it somehow!

Last breakfast with the dancers before we leave back to Kuching. It's been a ride. Bye bye, for now :)

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