Saturday, November 27, 2010

DAMAI. 25th NOV 2010.

went to a day-trip to Damai with friends. haha! they walked to my house in the morning (:
then followed my mum's friends car up! we had to wake up damn early -.-
cause my mum got some Haggai thingy up at damai with other churches -.-

Ivory at my house waiting for car. (:
the drive took only half an hour cause the driver drive damn fast o.o
me, her, Howard and Dylan squeezed in the back seat! not comfortable at all! -.- 

when we reached Damai. we had to wait in the lobby till bout 9am, bla bla stupid rules.
then so chun got one of our church members got a room, so yeah we just "borrow" the room ;)
so no need wait at lobby dy! woots!

the four of us with Aunty Siew Hoon (:
Howard, Me, Ivory, Aty and Dylan.

the room. Ivory and i (:

Lydia and i. ignore my hair. the weather was crazy up there! (: 

we didn waste another minute, so we changed and headed to the beach! :D

like, FINALLY! :D

i dont really like sea water so i refused to get wet. haha!
the boys had some fun though! the waves were extra large that day o.o

smiles! :D

yes, i am THE tam chiak pig :P
didn eat any breakfast what -.- 

we practically had the whole beach to ourselves since it was so damn early.
so yeah, they even raced. that was how bored we were. lol!
i ran with Howard then halfway give up. not fit anymore mans! :S 

we somewhat buried Dylan? hehe. he didn wanna get out after that -.-

yes yes, i wrote his name on the sand but the waves washed it away.
so i wrote his name on my heart, and i guess it'll leave a mark there forever (:
i love you :D

my nail colour for that day. wheeee. i stood by the sea side awhile, alone.
just enjoying the early morning sea breeze and waves lapping at feet.
i missed him. wish he was there with me. darn, so emo -.-

i lovee the beach. we chilled there most of the time.

Howard : my bii is just on the other side of this sea. i miss her.
Dylan : wish she wasnt at vacation but here with me.
Ivory : darn, i wished we weren't forced to break up. i still love him.

me? for me to know, for you to find out. hehe. the beach makes me so calm. 
im so getting a beach house next time. lol :D

anyways, went to swim at the swimming pool. ate mangoes. lol! :D
and dived into th pool when the person in charge not looking. awesome fun! (:
then after a few hours, back to the chalet, ate lunch, and we all fell asleep while watching Mr. Bean.
i slept the least. they all ditch me for sleeping -.- so good hoh?

after finally getting them to wake up, we went golfing :D 
i suck so badly -.- keep hitting the ball somewhere else -.-
then met into these group of people there. damn cha si lang. and so chun they nextdoor to us.
gosh. made the rest so pissed. haha! they are weird people -.-

i suck in this! (:
after that the sun came out and we all sweated. so yeah, decided to go swimming!
this time went to the "up-there" one. lol. dont know how to say.
had to walk dozen flights of stairs. tiring but worth it! (:

is it not beautiful? aww. i love this place. we had lotsa fun there too.
then we macam become light bulb to the ang mo lang. they pakto till so HOT one -.-
so we all  felt damn awkward. HAHA! i dont know how to swim.
but i have three lifeguards, so oh wells. who cares. :D

swam then became kinda hungry? so ordered food to eat.
then continue swimming. then bathed up there, etc etc. then made our way back down.
on the way back to our room, i saw SO MANY GREENIANS. Harry's group, 
Ah Lun & Ah Xiang's group, and so on. gosh. they stare at me, then i stare back. LOLOLL.

went back to the chalet and chilled while playing truth or dare. woots.
we ate koko-krunch with fresh milk. yums! :D
at bout 7pm, we went to the lobby to wait for my mum.

went for dinner at Palm Beach. Aunty Sue chia-ed us. thanks! :D
the weather was ferocious! the wind was blowing like crazy! but i like :D
talk talk talk, eat eat eat, then finally go home bout 10.30pm?
reached home at bout 11 something. washed up, online doing stuffs till about 3am,
then finally tucked into bed. i got tanned already! D: so sad!
oh wells, thats all for Damai post. might go again soon. this time i bring him :D
if possible. i pray for a beautiful miracle. <3

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