Thursday, November 18, 2010

Santubong Hike.

Hello. im back to this blog of mine! :D
anyways, yesterday woke up early bout 6am, and got ready.
about 7.45am, Dennis picked me up and we went to have breakfast.
i didn eat though since i dont usually eat food before exercising. later feel so uncomfortable :S
so yeah, then start journey! lol. Dennis drove us there.

However it started raining before we even started. bummer much -.-
but luckily after a while, it stopped raining. AMEN! :D

so we started at bout 9 something. woots. i felt fit suddenly :P
it was kinda dangerous cause it just rained. and its slippery.
and dang, so many annoying mosquitoes. it made us hike faster and faster.

and guess what Howard did while hiking up? look closely at the photo.


omg. we all don't understand how he is capable of doing that! o__o

hike hike hike. we didn go the long way though. since Dennis had plans in the afternoon.
and cause he was the only adult. not safe cause this time got a girl : ME! :P

we reached the waterfall :D
i am afraid of heights. so yeah. they nge nge jump on the bridge to scare me -.-

us - Howard, Dylan and ME :D


i sat there on that log helping them take pictures etc.
hehe. they tried to pull me in the water but i refused. HEHE.
but they splashed me like what. haha, at least i went until waist level :D

them enjoying the waterfall splashes (:

awesome place for a picnic :D


HAHAH. i bet it was refreshing. we stayed there longer than we intended.
we wanted to stay bout 30 minutes which eventually stretched to 2 hours! :D

they missed the rest of the hiking humans who weren't there with them.
so they poser their poses :P

Howard. Dylan. Dennis.

DO-RE-MI. Dennis is the tallest one there actually :P

awesome place right? so beautiful (:
honestly nobody wanted to leave it. but then the thunder started roaring, so yeah.
got our stuffs and started hiking back down.

the leech we saw. eeek! ._.

hiking down.

i accidently slipped. shit much. my ankle wasnt broken, luckily.
ngeh. it was my right ankle. the last time i injured it so terribly was during sports day.
so yeah, im actually kinda lucky i could still hike down. pheww.
if not dont know whose the oh so lucky person to carry me down! HAHA! :P

went to Damai to wash up etc. wanted to go to the beach, but it rained so heavily.
DAMMMIIIITTT. spoil my mood. darn. wanted to go so badly ):
so went to a place to eat, named....., i dont know lah -.-
the food was terrible. gosh. it used to be better bout 10 years ago when i used to come.
we even saw rats running about on top of us. o__o
we regretted and decided next time when we come hiking again,
we shall drive straight to KADO.

gonna go hiking and this time to the very top soon. esp. after all the injuries are gone.
HEHEHE. finally exercised a lot. i feel so much healthier.
reached home, bathed and slept basically the whole time from 2pm-12pm today :P

HAHA. so now here blogging. tonight pot bless for youth.
anyone wanna come with me? (:

OH DARL, if you're reading this, are you still using your digi number?
i miss texting you. heheheeeee. miss you leh :D

P.S- i wish to have nothing else to wish for cause i got everything already.

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