Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Masquerade Ball 2010.

Hello, im back bloggers! time for updates. ngehehe! :D
went to a Masquerade ball at Sarawak Club on the 10th of Dec 2010.
just a formal sit down dinner with music and dancing. went with my group. (Y)

simple make up done there LOL. 

then, ta-da. me, for the night :))

a Masquerade ball means we needa wear masks. we all got two each LOL.
so yeah. Abigail, Ivory and mee.

the dance floor was packed that night :D

took many many photos of the night :D woots woots.

another guy with a camera. Howard :)

Ivory, August and Abigail :)

these two are really lucky. got pictures together everywhere they go! LOL (:

Dylan and his girl. appreciate her or i'll kick your ass, dude! :)

Eugenie and i! my hip hop hot mama ;) <3

few of our seniors :)

girls jut wanna have fun :)

boys get drunk and drink cause the bitterness of the beer helps 
them forget bout the sweetness of the girl.
girls eat chocolate so cure the bitterness of the break up. 
makes sense eh? (:

aww ;)

we danced, took loadsa pictures, ate, talked, laughed etc that night,
definitely a night to remember :D <3

with our dance bosss. Aunty Yu :D

had fun that night. haha. gonna leave for JB then SG the next morning.
went home was bout midnight already. so yeah, packed the remainders and zzzz.
what a night it has been ;) <3 <3

P.S- i never thought bout you. not even once, it felt.... peaceful :)

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