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Summer Jam 2017 | RF Jam | Exploring Singapore

I have abandoned my blog for so long but here is an update finally!
After years of missing out on summer jam and regretting it, me and my girls finally went! I haven't been competing or attending workshops for so long I was so rusty guys! πŸ˜–

Being unemployed and broke ass students, we (Bev & I) decided to go for the Gold package instead of the Diamond one, tho I believe even if we did we wouldn't have the mental capacity to cope LOL. Also, this was the first time actually attempting urban dance style, so i'm completely new and confused af. My main style is girls style and it is so hard to be shuai wtf.
It was around MYR 1.2 - 1.5k if i remember correctly... Goodbye hard earned money 😒

There were so so so many instructors and classes to choose from I just picked out whatever and whomever I felt I've always wanted to see dance. I don't remember who, but someone couldn't make it and instead, the oh-so-amazing Galen Hooks came to replace his classes! I'm so shook I actually bought another of her classes cause...fangirl moment; plus it was a choreo that I really wanted to learn. I ended up picking more Kinjaz members than I actually planned on doing. Look at my Tuesday schedule guys, i mean, what was i thinking?! LOL and since I took an additional class of Galen's i had a slot in between Rie Hata and Cookies Camp as well... that's FIVE classes a day πŸ’€ #dead

Stayed at Jasz's place and she even got an inflatable bed for us, I am so grateful for you πŸ’— The plan was to go together but she couldn't make it cause of work. This is us reuniting on our first night in Singapore. I miss you all already!

Also dinner paid by Jasz since she said she's working already. Thank you for your friendship xx

Classes went by like a hurricane! At first it felt dejecting to not be able to follow up and getting mindfucked all the time.... then it came to a point to where I just wanted to enjoy and learn as much as I can since I don't know how much longer will I ever be dancing once I graduate and when the real shit happens. Loved it especially at the end of the day after a long shower just bonding with the girls and talking about the day. It is probably our first somewhat vacay together excluding all the dance competitions so I really enjoyed itπŸ’–

Some photos with the instructors (I didn't manage to take photos with some, i'm sad😭) πŸ‘‡

Mike Song (Kinjaz). The only class where we stayed seated on the ground the whole time.

Collab class with Sorah Yang and Haeni! (I also took Sorah Yang's individual class but I don't have a photo, so this will have to do) Their choreo was very girl-style based which I really enjoyed, I think this was Bev's favourite class.

To watch their choreo piece for the class click HERE ✌

MARIEL! I fangirled so hard I had to contain myself. I think her class was one of my favourites. I wanted to cry when I saw her dance. All these feels, I cannot. 😰 Her piece is so beautiful and she is so inspiring I'm out of words.

Keone's class got me mindfucked and dying. HOW DOES ONE MOVE LIKE THAT?! I tried so hard before giving up at the last three-eights. UGH- Him and Mariel are complete goals.

Jawn Ha. I cannot do his style but I think among all Kinjaz member's classes I've attended I like his the most.

Rie Hata. Another style I cannot do - New Style. I just do not get the hang of it LOL. But her class had the best atmosphere among all. It was so hyped and everyone was dancing around just having a good time despite the steps.

Galen Hooks slayed me right, left, centre. How. She makes the smallest, weirdest movements look so good. ugh.

RF Jam was on the weekends, and oh boy it was paacked. I've never seen a building so fully packed with dancers to the brim. There were four judging areas in one place for bboys itself while....

........on the outside they had allstyle battles and performances. It was really eye-opening and so fun to watch. I think it was SGD20 per entry to watch all battles. 

Somewhat in between the week when we have some time to breathe, we explored Singapore. How cute are my heart earrings for only SGD 5. 

We stupidly went to The Singapore Art Museum thinking it was the Art Science Museum instead lol. It was quite disappointing since most exhibits already ended leaving us with maybe 2-3 showrooms at most? Meh. 

We also tried to find the Harry Potter cafe which we did, also a little bit disappointing since the interior did not exactly SCREAM Harry Potter. Great place for tea time and photos tho. Cannot decide if I stan the Ravenclaw house or Slytherine one up till now 😐

Plated desserts there are really pretty. I liked my ginger ale which Bev hated too. Very instagrammable I guess? Saw someone order the goblet of fire which actually does flame up when you throw some ingredient on it. Name of cafe is : Platform 1094.

Was wearing a grey lip colour today and it totally matched the Slytherine colour scheme.

Also went to the Art Science Museum lol, finally at Marina Bay Sands, and they had this cute kid's zoo thingy going on. Wanted to stay and watch the night lights there at Gardens but we were pressed for time since we had classes that night. 

I love love love museums and all things artsy-fartsy. πŸ’ž

I just realised I don't have as many photos as I thought I would have..... Maybe cause we went during a school holiday and it was just filled with kids...  Also, currently hiring an instagram husband tqvm.

One of the only food (Katong Laksa) I remembered eating with my girls LOL. The week consisted of 7-11 sandwiches, a lot of gong cha and then face planting myself in bed. That sounds pretty sad now considering how I also managed to burn a sandwich in the microwave. Um.. I can cook I swear!

The weekend rolled on by and we went to the Hancai Beach Party. Jasz joined us for a while till she had to get back earlier since she's working the next day. Entry was SGD25 if I remember correctly..

Stole this picture from Bev's blog hehπŸ˜‹

 More battles to watch. I could do this everyday.

Mandatory ig shot.

Hair colour is so shit and ah lien I want to die.

My loves πŸ’—

πŸ™Œ Playing matchy-matchy dress up πŸ™Œ #ootd 

Also they had bean bags lying around for people to lie back and chill. I regret not vlogging the trip cause looking back at all my snapchat videos and instavideos, it was so fun unlike me struggling with 7 subjects in one semester for college.

My girls are so pretty πŸ‘Œ

Again stealing this photo lol. heh

I don't even know the purpose of this picture lolol. But here is the view of the pool I guess πŸ’

1982694534 photos later and we finally had a decent photo πŸ˜† Came to the pool to chill after crazy group dancing at the deejay area. The party was okay meh, I guess it would have been better if we knew more people and not that awkward. Why am I not a social butterfly except for in my own why? 😣 At least we had each other LOL. 

Summer Jam, you have been great and blogging this now 6 months later really makes me miss it and my girls. Finger crossed that my exam dates do not fall during 2018's summer jam ✌πŸ‘‹ xx 

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