Monday, September 4, 2017

Immortal Clothing X Vanity Crew

During my one month semester break, Vanity Crew had the pleasure of collaborating with Feasible Crew and their new clothing line - Immortal Clothing . We decided to do a 1 minute dance video featuring their exclusive street t-shirts. 👻

Location was at the graffiti alley behind Drunken Monkey. It was a really hot day and shooting under the 3pm sun made me feel like roast pork. After finishing the first half however, it started the thunder and pour wtf. Btw, make up stayed on thanks to NYX Setting spray heh.

This was the situation of the shoot once it started pouring LOL. Wrapped the DSLR in plastic bags while our speakers and videographer were sheltered by an umbrella 😅 Thank you Viz for letting us be a part of your project 👊

A random, spontaneous shoot we did. All photos were captured by the talented Wen Wen.

Um wtf was i doing lolol

My laugh is ugly but I still thought it was a good photo heh

and yes, I finally got my industrial piercing after years and years of wanting it since I saw Bigbang's Seungri's one in their Fantastic Baby MV. 💕

I got mine done at Monkey Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio, Kuching and it cost me  MYR100. My piercer's name is Jeremy and he's really good at what he does so holla at him if you want a quick, fuss free piercing experience.

I think my pain tolerance in general isn't that bad and I didn't tear up so I guess I'll rate the pain a 6/10? It is a pain to wash your hair and get dressed for the first 1-2 months tho. But if you try not to touch it and let it heal like mine, it'll probably be pain free and completely healed in 4 months max.

Some group photos with the crew

Never forgetting our ritual - ugly poses and weird faces

Again, thank you Viz for letting us be part of this project and I hope you will heng heng lao ban! Watch the video below and remember to support your local brands 💪

Concept: Immortal Clothing X Vanity Crew (Click HERE to watch)

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