Saturday, April 14, 2012

MRC Dancing competition.

*the only camwhore shot i took that day LOL*

It was finally April 14th 2012! The day we, Vanity girls have been waiting for.
The Together For Humanity dancing competition organized by the Malaysian Red 
Cresent organization (MRC). For charity and for dance lovers! :D
Good luck texts and comments from lovely people have been flowing in, thank you <3
Had my hair done by Blade Saloon and also some retouching from my mum's crew-mate!
*i had a long time untangling the back-combed hair as well as washing off the spray!
i also lost a lot of hair and suffered a lot of pain by hair tugging and brushing -.-*

Went to The Spring to register before getting a bite. But heck, we were too nervous
to even eat properly. I finished my food because i eat when i'm nervous.
Aiya, i anytime also eat one la. Like how i would describe myself sometimes, SUCH A PIG!
So, we finally did it and.. nothing. Just nothing. We didn't win. Heck, we didn't even get runner-up.
Although i enjoyed myself on the stage that day, i have a few things to rant and to clarify.

Firstly, our turn was delayed 5 hours. 5 HOURS, i tell you! WAH, i could watch 2 movies!!
Secondly, the organizing crew were so disorganized and timing and categories got
mixed up. And NO, THAT WAS NOT COOL, BRO. Because traditional category won
in the category my crew and I participated in which was hip hop & contemporary.
Like hell, it is not okay to organize a dance competition and split them into categories
when you yourself have no dance knowledge yet any professional judges.
Thirdly, judges. The judges only take care of their own. That's why most of the winnings
go to ballet and traditional as the judges came from Layna Ballet and others. can
you be more professional please? Or are you guys just to uneducated?! WAH. t(-.-t)

Just for clarification, i'm not being a sore loser okay? I do not believe i am not better than
the champion for this competition. Because i know, we are better. WAYY BETTER.
And i know traditional and street dance are two completely different types of dance, 
even the more why they shouldn't be placed together in the category, no?
I just think my crew and I deserve a say in this. All these are so ridiculous.

HOWEVER, while we were standing in a circle holding hands, i felt calm *nervous, yes*, 
but i was comforted by my crew and was glad we could share the feelings together.
Aiyer, i feel very geli and over-romantic now LOL. anyway, YEAH.
We are a crew after all, and we went through a lot throughout the whole time
preparing for this competition. Damn it took the energy, body aches, time, money and
many many sacrifices. We hurt, we were in foul moods but we pulled through.
And through this i'm happy, cause we came out together with a stronger bond! <3
and and for the record, we got pretty good applause! *proud* The crowd loved us, 
i mean, our show we put on for them. teehee. When announcing names of the winners, 
they were even calling out,"Vanity! Vanity!" this proves something, no? :D


Besides that, thank God for my extremely lovely friend, Gabby-Gabuu who stayed with me 
whole afternoon and finally taking the video of my crew and I dancing on stage. xxx
Mad love for you, my friend! xxx. Picture of me and her above. Do you like my poofed hair?
It made heads turn okay. Imagine this. Five girls walking into a shopping mall
with their hair looking as if they never combed it in years wearing varsity jackets.
The looks we got were real bewildered looks. teehee! :D

Anyways, catch the VIDEO here! At the same time, like our PAGE!! Thanks for all
your support and love for us that day. We really appreciate it :) <3

or you can watch it here too :D

This was us at the studio the night just before the competition. 
Damn, i tell you the nerves were already kicking up then. Pheww~

The only picture of us we took that day. Taken by our manager, Kixx. *he made me look fat -.-*
Well, supposedly we had a photographer. But since the crowd was fierce that day,
he couldn't find us and we never bumped into him too. So that explains the little photos.
However, if you're reading this and have some photos of us, do tell me!! Much love! xx :D

This was us after the 4 minute dance routine. Exhausted, yes. Happy and vain, VERY! :D
we actually enjoyed being on the stage and just dancing for the crowd! :)
Headed for pizza after that. Needed to pay back for the diets and sit ups and planking
we did to get a flat tummy for the competition LOL. But hey, who would want
to go on stage, eyes of the crowd on you and.. your big, flabby tummy? RIGHT? ^__^v

Just one photo of us on stage :) xx *blur*

Again, we were glad to join although we beh gam guan with many things. But we reckon we'd
be happy about the publicity for our crew, the applause, the crowd, the experience and
also to help as an act of charity! (Y) AND again, thank you for your mad love and support for us!

P.s- Last participation with the crew till my SPM is over. Sucks to be me, eh? >:(

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