Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pupa Puposka Collection.

Today's blog post is about make-up! So i received a lovely surprise from my
aunt who bought Pupa Puposka make-up kits for me! It was too cute, she said.
so she ordered it straight from France, or Canada for me. *i cant remember lol*
you can look them up online. It's quite a popular brand. i think? :)

so anywayy, these Pupa collections are separated in three different sizes.
like stated above for you to see :D different sizes contain different make up parts.
the bigger the size of the Puposka, the more parts of makeup you have :)

one of their special edition Pupa Puposka set. Small, medium and big.
i personally like this one! teehee. there are many other designs too! :D
they remind me of Russian dolls. lol.

TADA! Here is the two small sets i got from my aunt :D
they look so adorable right?! apparently the small make-up Pupa kits only
contain compact eyeshadow and glitter-packed cream lip colour.
If you buy the whole set which includes all three sizes of the Pupa,
it will contain thirteen make up stuff from compact blusher to eyeshadow applicator.

first small make-up kit set! a more brown-neutral colour :)

here, the face is a mirror! cute or not?! :D
This is my second set. More feminine colours to spice up your eyes and lips.

i don't have any idea at which site my aunt ordered these cute kits for me,
but you can go and search them up in google. teehee. Thanks for reading! xxx

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