Sunday, July 18, 2010

FLASH MOB 2010 (: - late post

Just to say that our Flash Mob dance has been sucessful (:
no more late nights of practices. can sleep dy :D
one most rememorable moment is when we had the rehearsal.
we had to wait and prac at spring from 10.30pm-1.45am!
WOW right? super tired. however, it paid off :D
Got to know many other talented dancers too! (:
[Cherry-ME-Eugenie] ;P

I LOVE DANCING, dont you? (:


Anonymous said...

you are freakin' awesome ariel lo chia hui!!! :D

♥got sweet?♥

*commented cause i'm bored*

but you are totally freakin' awesome!!!! xDD

♥aRieL♥ said...

LOL YOUU. awww so sweet. thanks so muchhh! next time we go dance together :P