Friday, May 4, 2012

Dipped dye shorts.

Obesssion at the moment. Can't wait to try and diy these awesome,
DIP DYED DENIM SHORTS! For those who know me quite well, i kinda
dislike wearing jeans especially in my country because the weather is damn hot here and
because i think i look better in shorts lol. Anyways, i've been craving for fashionable
shorts for so long but it's almost impossible to find nice ones in my budget or
in my country. Time to spam you with awesome pictures of dip dyed shorts. :D

Love these colourful shorts too. i wish to have one of every colour lol. And i've been surfing through
youtube videos and such to find out if it's possible to make them diy for dip dye.
Turns out to be quite easy! All you need are bleach, fabric dye and a pair of scissors! :D
I shall cut up my unusable jeans and try to make a pair this hols after my exams.

For more info on how to dip dye or the many ways to do so, click HERE!
i shall go dream about my shorts LOL. What's your current obsession? :)

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