Friday, February 3, 2012

Astro Installer's Night.

hello you lovely people who read my blog :) Remember when i said
i missed my crew so much? cause im like banned from dancing? :)
well, TADA!, here i am at a dance event dancing with my crew hehehe!
Mum said yes, but si-beh lotsa term and conditions -.-  oh well.

So anyways, we were performing on the 1st of Feb and Hilton for the

Rehearsals were tiring tho. i had school and practices. Learnt new dances in like
days. omg. and i got so stressed about the fan dance. ughh. :)
but then again, i pulled through. we all did (Y) Go Vanity!

so when we reached Hilton i saw this big plush toy dragon!
Cute to the max omg omg omg <3 where can i get one?!

the stage that night :) Just right ehhe.

this was us dancing the first dance. A cover of the Astro themed song :)
Outfit : leather jackets, red tank tops, black short, knee-high socks.

in the room while waiting for our turn to perform :) 
luckily they gave us tit-bits. we were starving to death! :9
Me with candy and Sim <3

cherry and jasz <3

us girls who were dancing the chinese-fan-dance. they listed us as "sexy dance" 
in the timetable that night. te fak LOL. :) oh speaking of the chinese fan, 
mine umm, came apart and we had to use string to tie it back together.
it happened like 5 minutes before the performance. not only that, 
one member forgot to bring her outfit, cherry forgot the disc and so on. omg.
so many things happened. and to top the ending, Kixx got fined. RM150!
soi soi soi. but i guess everything went okay after that? nah. -.-
we all forgot many moves. it was just not our night. but we had fun :3

ending pose for the dance :) *look! exposed thighs with black boxers LOL*


dancing our Borneo competition dance. *requested*

Cherry and jasz had to go on stage for a short time to do "games".
they had to teach some men how to dance the Astro song HAHA!
it was hillarious omg. it's not often you get to see this kind of situation! :D

what a night :) this is us after the event. 

"V" is for Vanity! <3 "syiok sendiri oi!" Come on girls! Let's get ready
for the competition on the 18th. uisshhhh!. wish us luck! (y) <3
okayy, thanks for all teh support. love you guys. k bye! xxx

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