Sunday, April 11, 2010

PRS hiking camp :)

Have been to a hiking camp on the 1st-2nd of April.
It was organized by the PRS club in my sch :)
it was okay lah. not much comment.
We had hiking as the main point and lotsa games.
and also treasure hunts too.
Its more like a fitness camp to me.
Always up and down the hills nia our job -.-

Apparently for all of us, FORM 3 :)
only Angeline, Joanne S., Bibii, Min Chee and ii.
ahah :) we had fun though. Kho lian MC sick ._.

Min Chee adn ii :) <3>
Bibii and Min Chee :D

When we went hiking we were so energized at first.
Then ii finally realized that 2900 feet is quite high O.O
ahaha. but still, we were the second group of 3 to arrive :)
Me, Min Chee and Bibii. ngee ngee ngee.
and we were near the top,
we camwhored to relieve tiredness x)
see the above picture of ah bii and ii :) EXHIBIT ONE.

ii can just imagine the look on our faces when we see steep hills.
we all go O.O then -.- then >.<. xDD
and whenever bibii sees a pondok she goes YESS!!
and she ran up the friggin hill. and me and MC went ._. :D

alas for us, we finally reached the viewing tower :)
TA-DAA :DDyayyy :D

The view from the top :D

whenever the tower shakes, JS will do that :D

On the way up we saw many stuffs.
Particularly insects. LOTSA THEM ._.
this one is kinda adorable though :D

this one ii simply hate -.- ewww much.
ii hate some insects. ii mean MOST insects.

it took bout 6 hours to hike up and then back down.
some more ii ada itu masalah sulit first day. ii was like WTFF.
ahahaha. but ii managed :) yayy for me.
It rained on the way down. dammit. and we were :DD when we
reached our beloved chalets we were staying in :D
All of us managed to sleep in one room.
Me and Min Chee shared a bed.
ii guess we practised karate in our sleep. xDD

Although ii am tired, ii still have my medicine :)
Couldn get anymore pics so oh wells. THATS IT.
Reached back to school at bout 3.30pm.
and then reached home, bathed, then......
alamakk myself mans. ahaha. T

wait wait :) not done yet.
enjoy the following other group and games photos :D

My group- FROG. xD

Eating stupidd wasabi plus milo plus sugar plus curry powder
plus tabbasco sauce plus crackers
plus kaya plus etc etc etc. ewwww MUCH. @.@ ueekk.

costume people :)

Last but not least, the blindfold game.
so cacated lahh ._. xD

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