Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saratok :D

Arrived at church to leave for Saratok at bout 8.45am.
Was dangg sleepy cause of outing to Mcd with the night outers.
[ more in the last post]
Thanks for the hoodiie btw , Aty Sue. :)
Wanna buy one for myself. Comfyy.

Before leaving Kuching.

Listened to music in phone
the whole way up.

Uncle jeff our driver.

Had my comfy pillow to hug ,
on the way up to Saratok.


While stopping at Lanchau for lunch ,
ate some durians.
Had this big fat worm in one of them.

Reached Saratok finally.
Sat in the car for 6 hours.
Glad ii had a proper seat this time though.
My ass is hurting.

The welcoming tea :)

Colouring comeptitions.
all won of course.

This song was the highlight tough.
Most of the Kids enjoyed it.

This kid was so cutee.
Though he couldn really get the words.
He just joined in.

Manda leading.

Looked up at the ceiling and saw this.
These are skulls of their ancestors hung up on the ceiling.
and ii want dayumn.
A. Louisa teaching the kids Bout God.
awwww :)

Me and Manda with this super hyper kid.
She practically stuck like glue to me.
but seriously shes wad kept me awake most of the time.
"KAKAK this and KAKAK that".
no peace no rest no energy.

The part of the rumah panjang we stayed in.
Forgot which door ii left my flip flops at all the time.

The worship instruments there.

The Sunday morning telematch.
ii was deliberately half-asleep.
Arranging the telematch is tiring.
Woke up at 6.30am. Didn really zzz well.

The river.
But we didn bath here.
ii had the monthly visitor.
so what the heck ?

My nice photography of her.

Manda's "nice" photography.

our drummer.

the out of tune seh kia singers.

Bassist and guitarist.

On the way back to Kuching.
Had headache somehow.
Manda , my faithful companion in the car.

The durian stall we stopped by.
Tasted the best durians ever.

On the way back from Saratok to Kuching.
errm. we had our durian break.
Its like BYE saratok and,

P.S.- This reachout here has blessed many.
Hope for more to be blessed and to accept Christ.
Praise the Lord.

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