Thursday, July 16, 2009

15th-16th July 2oo9 (Sports Day)- =]

we went up to get our kejohanan
yg ke-10 trophy..

masa rehat or lunch..
makan makan..
they took group pic without me..

case terbaru..
Form 5 bully Form 1 seh kia.
tsk tsk tsk..
Raymond and Shan Liang

we all run to the buses so that we dont get left behind..

all the blue team prizes..

Team photo..

shan Liang with the team flag..

ii actually won something..

3 medals..
bronze for high jump..
2 silvers for 4x1oom and 4x400m..

my poor poor foot..

Ten poor toes of mine got blisters..

Raymond Tan Sze Ying..

on the way back to school ..

the Kejohanan throphy..!!

Tiara : the secret weapon of the year..
xD..she won many awards

this was supposed to be our logo for cheetah..
but instead it looks like an ikan Koi..

my shirt was signed with many
peoples signatures..

our blue team flag :
blue + Cheetah..
since blue team is aka Cheetah

our blue moto :
Blue never looks down , we only look up.!

Shan Liang mengandung..!!

stupid stuff we did while waiting for the bus..
like talking total CRAP..!!

while clearing up on the first day
we were the last team to arrive back in school..
but nevermind..

the person who carried things who teacher..

friends enjoying the show..

people getting ready for their events.. :)

how do ii start to say this ??
we had our 44th sports day at GRSS..!!

it was a BLAST..!!
we had different events ..ii took five events ..
but apparently ii got disqualified from the jalan kaki since ii angkat my leg..
not enough patience bah..
and plus , my whole right leg collapsed..

my next event which was 4x1oom , we got second placing..
which was okay la..

the next day ii had 3 events ..
sadly they were one after another..
firstly 2oom akhir , then high jump then lastly ,

got no placing for 2oom , since my blisters were hurting me like hell..
got 3rd placing for high jump ,
and got 2nd placing for 4x4oom..
once ii finished my last event , ii fell down to the floor and threw off
my shoes and socks and naturally screamed in pain..
all ten toes of mine were in terrible blisters..

the St.John Ambulance took of the plasters ii used for running on track
and they exclaimed : WOW..!!
They wondered how ii could actually stand running in those blisters
so they medicated my whole two feet..

ii kept hitting the ground since it was painful ..
then got one guy so good go offer his hand for me to hit..
so ii hit lo..
hehehehehehe..sorriiiee yeah..
really painful wad..after wrapping my feet ,
ii tried my best to walk back to the rumah biru place..
teacher happie with me..

got people tot ii "on" with Sze Ying pulak..
apa bro and sis nia la..
doii..all of you think too much..
Then , after all events were finished , all the rumahs walked to the padang
to hear the results..
and guess what ??
My rumah (Biru-Cheetah) got first..!!!
thanks for all the prayers and the support from everyone..!!

on the way back ,
we all sang our house song ..
the bus was definately in a MAD condition..!!

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