Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's day 2011.

14th February 2011. Happy Valentine's Day. <3
A day where couples, singles and friends celebrate their love towards each other
by sending gifts, flowers, chocolates or just spending time with them. :)
for those lucky ones, they get to spent this day with their special ones ;)

as for me, haha, its just another SAD day. lol. relationship ended last Dec.
oh wells, not that i miss the relationship for gifts or what not, oh pleasee -.-
i just wanted to spend the day with someone special. haha. :)
and i thought i'd be spending this day with you. but ohh, fuck it. :/
i seriously wanted to break down and cry. sien. 
i lost like, 3 effin close friends cause of relationships. so not pretty. :S
and i guess our friendship will never be the same again.

anyways, thanks for the gifts and pressies. it cheered me up :)
and thanks to someone in SG who got me a bear but couldn send it over :P
and bro, you're the best. he bought me choco and ice cream cause he knew 
i had no date. awww. loveee you the the max! :D <3 

people ordered and wanted cupcakes. so gonna make them for free :)
give them as v-day gifts. for those who said they want only la :) teeheee <3
thats all i guess. Valentine's was just plain sad. :/

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