Saturday, February 26, 2011


Yesterday was a Fridayyy. exams are like next Monday! mati D:
so anyways, our class acted like it was the last day of school :D
wahahaha. got teacher in also like no teacher like that also :) 
a bit un-respectful though, sorry! :S but it was danggg fun. woohoo.

most of my classmates im close with are guys. here are the few girls. LOL!
me with Gabby and Tania. :D im in the middle cause im the shortest -.-

the rest of my gang in school came to my class for fun too :)
played and laughed like siao people from 7th mile :b
i wore flip flops that day, so they took my flip flops and hid them -.-
chao Nelson and Zau Phin. nge nge pretend to cry make them feel guilty :D
it worked. wahahahaha. :b

arguing with Nelson :D HAHAAHAH

my class gila people minus the hitam-chapsu one from 4S2 :)
Me with Gabby, Nelson, Andrew, Diwa and Zau Phin.

so we'll dance dance dance, like its the last last night of our life, life :)
after school, went to PRS room to duty. for fun. ahah. 
then went to training at Stadium. darn, my kijang sucks like hell. tmd -.-
needa train more. but for now, tuition, studies and group studies :)
so yeah, STUDY TIMEEEE. then, after that, PARRTTYYY!

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