Monday, February 14, 2011

CNY 2011! :D

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 to everyoneeeee <3
its the year of the Rabbit, so they say :) 
so here, my family wishes everyone a prosperous new year! :) 
bro, popo, mum and me. 

First day of chinese new year :) me and my bro :) 

i didnt spend the day with my family though. all had our own thing going bout.
so went out to Zau Phin's house, then to Krystle's, Nicole Chin's, and lastly Cliff's :)
we bombed a papaya tree. teeheeee. :)
reached home before midnight. dont worry, im a guai person! :P

Second day : cousins came to visit :) father's side ones.
the only girl cousin in the family, Mandy.

after that, i went out with mum for a while, went to my piano teacher/dance boss's house.
then, to my mum's childhood's friends house. then to Howard's place.
then finalyl at night to Darren K's place. i won in gambling. heheee (Y)
got a call from Jess. she came to pick me to her place.
made me drink wine and whisky. haha. wanted to get me drunk. fail though ;)

then when i reached home, took this shot with mum :)

Third day : got visitors. August's family plus Aty Geok :)
after that went to Gabby's house for like 3 hours. her house is boring -.-
then Cass came to pick me up and i was dragged to strangers houses -.-
all her lodgian friends. i feel so out of place. lol. 
first to Liz's house, then, Vivien's place. i feel like a loner. omg -____-"

but however, after that, got bibi to pick me up and we went to Shi Ming's place :))
now i feel more comfortable. teeheee. all greenians bah :P
we went crazy at her place. shooting fireworks at each other, playin heart-attack,
photo taking, laughing like it's a mad house, playing truth or dare, omg :)
craziest night everrrrr! (Y) you guys rock!

P.s- to the guy who played my friend like a toy, f*ck you.
if i see you, i'd make your death look like an accident :)

Fourth day! Last day before school reopens. D:
it was a Sunday btw, so went to church first. i saw that jackass. He's back.
wtv lah. after that, went to McD for lunch. Ivory and Sharon followed me back. 
saw Shalom at McD. greeted each other, hi hi bye bye. lol :)
he was wearing pink three quarters, how cuteee. hahahahah. 

anyways, reached home, chilled awhile, watched The Notebook.
and waited for guests with Ivory and Sharon. :)
sharon left early though. she had some dinner. DITCHERRR. pffttssss :)

people started crowding my place at 5pm. haha.
i specifically said come at 7pm PFFTTTSSSS. hahah :)
almost ALL the girls cancelled omg. whyy?! sien one boh.
so only got me, Clair, Abigail and Ivory as girls there :b well, the ones i invited la.

they ate too much, so they had to exercise. pffttss :)
Dylan and Howard.

a quarter of the guys. LOL. :)
Sam, Howard, Dylan and Nai thong. --- church budds.
Nelson, Zau Phin, Miishan, Chee Hong ---- school budds.

Darren Cheng, Yi Xin, Tze Khin and a few many others came too. haha.
*lazy to wait for pictures, so yeahhhhh*

peoples :) food was good, eh? ;)

played with fireworks, had photo-takings session, etc etc etc.
it was a good night. i gambled and won RM27. just my luck! ;)
and thanks to those who stayed until like super late to keep me company.
last guest left at like, 11 something. we were all yawning in school like crazy! :p

the group picture of that dayy :) 
thanks for coming peoples! i loveeeeeee youu (Y) <3
to those who didnt come, NOT FORGIVEN. :P jk la.

have an awesome boom-boom-bang yearr! \m/ <3

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