Thursday, January 27, 2011

Influenza A - h1n1 attack! D:

Helllo! i skipped school this entire week. why? i got attacked with Influenza A! -.-"
yes that h1n1 diesease thingy. PFFTTS. damn annoying. fever, flu and sore throat.
got sick on an early Sunday morning bout 3am. super high fever till 40 degrees.
yes, it was THAT high. so i skipped church that day figuring if i just slept, it'd wear off.
but it didnt -.- i had the fever on and off and my temperature wont decrease D:
in the end bout midnight when my body was too weak dy, went to Normah to check.
check, check, i got Influenza A positive. im like wtf?! how can? O____O?
and so the doctor gave me 10 days of quarantine. no leaving the house or my room.
wtf am i gonna do? i just started to get fresh with my training. total bs! ):
and to top that torture off, i had like 3-4 different kinds of medications. EWW! -.-

haihh. so these one week i eat, sleep, listen to music and stare at ceiling only -.-"
so no life. thats why my facebook is so updated. -____-
i want my normal busy BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ life back. this is so torturing !
from a super active everyday go out human to this. kill me, oh mai goshhhhhhhhhh!
the Jabatan Kesihatan came to check on me one day. bla bla bla! @___@
gladly only few more days to go. im dying to get out!
After this, i'll be dancing my way out of here. damn, i cant wait! :D
i'd be talking like a mad chatterbox once i meeett my friends. hahahahah! :P

anyways, Valentine's day coming! Will i receive anything? :P HAHAHAH!
a girl can dream, cant she? but life aint no fantasy, sadly. ): i miss him? :/
 old pictures, memories, conversations got the hang of me these few days.
maybe cause im being isolated so im feeling damn lonely .___. oh wells.
Dylan and Abigail broke up already. haihhh. somewhat not very surprised. :(
awwww man. they were so cute. *sighs*

Where is the love? emm, my love? :b HAHAHA! (:
till my next update. TA-TA! <3

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