Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Interior change? :D

Dear blog. im back to update. again! missed me? IM SURE! ;D
i didn get enough sleep last night. talked to Howard and Dylan till bout 6am?
slept for two plus hours? woke up, saw furniture all outside dy. Philip they all come dy.
OH OH, everything's settled dy. no more conflicts! YAYYY! :)
wow. damn, these boys work so fast! we redid the WHOLE living room! LITERALLY.
this is practically for my mum's birthday and her belated Christmas pressie! :)
Just to have a place that is so comfortable and warm after hard day at work.
been planning this with Philip and Aty Yu since like, October? :O

so yeah, today many came to help! yayy. including Zitao and Uncle Eric! :D
us youth - me, my bro, Howard, Dylan, Linus, Ivory, Dylan, Abigail, John & Joseph.
starting painting the walls the ceiling, basically everything la -.-
even all the coffee tables, we "syelek-ed" them to look more.. warm? o.o
house damn dirty after everything. my ceiling is blue with white mists o.o
long story short, everything is awesome. thank you for helping everybody. appreciated!
and thanks popo for cooking us lunch and tea break :)

Basically we all had a tiring yet fun and fruitful day! woohoo!
everything was done within 8am till 4.45pm. everyone sleepy dy! .__.
i think if we had enough time, we'd do like, every room! HAHAH! :D
surprised mummy when she came home. she was amazed that we pulled it off!
oh wells, pictures tell a million words. so yeahhh! :)

BEFORE RENOVATION :) so dull and dead looking! :O
and so many things were clustered everywhere! gosh.
dont know how many bags of rubbish i had this evening! D:

The results AFTER renovating! wow right? the feels so romantic & homey. :)
especially at night. morning not so. effects meant for night time. ahah! 
the only thing i dont like is the front door! -_____-! the colour is blergh.
but overall everyone is satisfied! :D <3

decorated the place with mostly lighting, candles, flowers, rocks and stuffs.
the lights at night are amazing. so warming to your heart :)
examples of the lights above.

Overall had the most tiring day ever. im yawning while im typing this. HAHA :)
kept sneaking naps in between working the whole afternoon. not the only one!
was and is seriously tired. oh gosh. thats what you get for not sleeping! Zzz! -.-
well nuff said bout the happenings whole morning and noon. :)

bathed, ate bla bla. went online. few secs later, Bry popped up on chatbox :)
chatted bout his buddy first. filled him up on news. then sudd, random talk.
awww, i miss that so much. it made my day! whiee.
i am seriously thinking bout asking him back. lol. this time i zui him! :P
but but got some people think it's not good for me. butt aaahhhhhh, sien -.-
nvm lah. we shall see the situation first. i miss him. alot.
and i wanna end 2010 and start 2011 with him :) back to square one? <3

well, idk lah. gonna split myself on the 31st. evening till 11 plus at dance dinner.
then, almost midnight go Miishan house watch fireworks. woots! <3
the next day off to Damai for day trip. not gonna over night anymore. :B
then after Damai that very night, dance jamming at Spring i think? im so busy! -.-
hope my body-battery can last that long. haha. quite worn out now! :S
Gonna go out to find pressie for gift exchange with dance peoples tmr. hmmm :/

"Boy, i still love you. Be mine?" - easy typed, hard to say! D:

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